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Al-Baraka Schools participate in the Global Campaign for Education

May 11, 2010

This week more than 100 countries took part in this year’s Global Action Week . The global campaign for education is an international civil society movement made up of thousands of organizations, charities, activities and trade unions. This year theme is Financing Quality Public Education: A Right for All.


Somliland Students Association {SOLSA} with the support many local organisations implemented the Global Campaign for Education. This campaign have associated the international 1GOAL campaign as a means to support for a global effort of Education for All.


Organisations, parents, teachers and students took part this program in Al-Baraka Schools. The principal emphasised that the school is ready to participate in every action that is good for the young people and that this global campaign for education is to be joined because the aim is that every child across the world can go to school.

The key concept that the participants reflected was to develop activities that the children can do. To learn and that they have to communicate from one to an other.

Written by Abdirizak Mohamed, teacher at Al-Baraka Schools