School Departments




This section receives children aged 3 – 6 and teaches them reading and writing in basic education using audio-visual system, we also provide special care and guide to take care of to them.


This section receives a yearly number of students from nursery school and other new students from elsewhere.

This section receives children aged 6 – 13 and teaches them different subjects (primary and intermediate education) basic literacy and numeracy.


Students in ceremony 


20 Responses to “School Departments”

  1. Nagad Says:

    They are so cute Masha Alah.

  2. hanan Says:

    salam alaykum.
    iam really happy how albarka is doing now cuz its easy for students
    to communicate with their teacher where ever they are like how iam doing now.
    and i want to send ammasive thankx to all my teacher cabdi nasir,mawliid,ahmed dheere,cadirahmaan,faysal and also head teachers as well.
    happy new year.
    hanan ahmed.

  3. nuradin mohamed yonis Says:

    thanks to your comments Hanan.
    Iwould like to know ,are you a former student of albaraka school?
    where do you live now?
    do you study?
    I hope you will tell me all about you

  4. c/raxiim Says:

    thank you nagaad for supporting your school iwish you to come back into you shool please

  5. c/raxiim Says:

    hanan you too thank for supporting your school

  6. maamulka Says:

    Thank you Hanan for your activity and supporting your school.

  7. maxamed yuusuf cabdi Says:

    al baraka is the best school in the universe.
    i know my princeple noradien he is very intellegent person he is work hard to provide us a better studies. and i wish for him the best.

  8. c.rashiid c/laahi omar (cade) Says:

    I wish u the best c.raxin so I wish that u will come back one day in albarka

  9. c.rashiid c/laahi omar (cade) Says:



  10. macalin Abdirizak Says:

    Congratulation all Secondary and Primary Students who recieved their final passed examination. I hope you a bright future. Our mentality is to think our young generation and to concentrate on thier education.

    With my warmest congratulation…..

  11. Nagaad Gabobe Says:

    Asalaamu Alaykum Mashallah, Albaraka schools has always been the best schools in the country since 1997.I have been studying in Albaraka schools for over 10 years and i have never seen anywhere like it. Albaraka is taking a huge steps as the days go by.And with a principle and teachers like ours education gets better and better………………Thank you for always giving us your best[My best wishes for every one salaamu alaykum]

  12. ahmed mohamed hassan Says:

    hi iam one of the studiant in secondary school i want to ask my teacher noradin
    what u decided to do us after we gradute?
    did u want to leave as after we where in your school since 12 years

  13. abdiwahab Says:

    ardayda maalin bilaa dirays

  14. abdiwahab Says:

    ardayda maalin bilaa dirays ka dhiga
    ayaa aan idin ka codsanayaa waxan
    ahay arday ka mida ardayda dugsiga al baraka ee class 6a

  15. abdiwahab Says:

    waa runtay

  16. abdiwahab Says:

    aad iyo aad ayaan idiinka codsanayaa maamulayaasha dugsigoow

  17. ayman dawaahiri Says:

    Iam soo glad to see my school more development
    and I wish that allah supporting them

  18. Abdi Ali Ahmed Says:

    Thanks for your ongoing and steady improvement to our school. I am really proud to my beloved school, Albaraka. I am now studying in New Zealand, thanks to my teachers who have done great in making me to realize my potentials. After two years I hope I will come back to Somaliland as a qualified Electric Engineer.

    Abdi Ali Ahmed

    Wellington, New Zealand.

  19. Nemah Says:

    Salaam alikum,
    I have been trying to contact the school, so far i have read wonderful reviews
    would someone kindly walk me through the admission process
    I will be in hargeisa insallah on the 26th

    Much appreciated

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