MKFC Teacher Team in Hargeisa – a reflection

April 13, 2010

Almost the whole Teacher Training group

During the first week in April 2010 MKFC Stockholm College Teacher Training team visited our friends in Hargeisa, Somaliland. We are very happy and grateful for meetings with the teachers, children, parents, school leaders, other persons and organizations.


We have learned so many things from all of you and look forward for the continuation of our cooperation! The workshop also gave inspiration, meetings and perspectives.


Thank you for gifts, generosity, love and help. We are also glad to also get to know the nature in Hargeisa and Berbera.


Our meetings gave us visions, inspiration, ideas and grounds for our future work.


To all children and teenagers: we will never forget your presentations, songs, dances, playing and more. The gifts are here in Sweden and ready to be presented to MKFC and other people. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we will never forget this visit. We have learned much from you and know this will bring more development. You are the future and your thoughts, ideas and things you do, are important for us.


Thank you for taking care of us!

Salaan kadib!

Midda hore illaahay wuuna nabad keenay.

Midda labaad waxaan halkan salaan qiimo badan uga direynaa dhamaan macallimiinta dugsiyada Al baraka schools iyo intii gacanta ku siisay
soo dhoweyntii qiimaha badneyd aan kala kullanay mudadii gaabneyd ee aan ku sugneen Hargeisa.

Waxa aan marnaba lama illaabaan ah, horumarka ay Al Braka schools gaarsiiyeen caruurta Soomaaliyeed. Taasna waxaan alle uga
baryayaa inuu ugu abaal gudo adduun iyo aakhiroba. Waxaana idiin rajeynayaa horumar wanaagsan iyo idinkoo waxqabadkiina sii kordhiya,
gaarsiiyaya miyi iyo magaalo si uu ubadku u badbaado.


Love and happiness from the MKFC team Emma, Xarbi and Kalle with colleagues all over the world!


Week 11 Ibrahim (writer), Ahmed and Abdirazak

November 30, 2009

In this week, I and two of my colleagues decided to tell some the little learners some thing about the farms. The two colleagues that took part with me during this assignment was Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Abdirazak, we decided that learners should take the lesson first in the class as a theory, I started first by telling the learners this article from farms, here is my article:


“The roots of farming began in the areas of present day Turkey and the Middle East about 10,000 years ago. Most of the early civilizations began along major river systems. A farm is an area of land, including various structures, devoted primarily to the practice of producing and managing food (produce, grains, or livestock), fibers and, increasingly, fuel. It is the basic production facility in food production”.
After giving the learner that concise idea of farms I showed them some pictures of local and foreign farms.

Mr. Ahmed was next and here is his saying in written:

“Farmer is a person who operates a farm grows; s/he cultivates by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques. Although the farmers are unsophisticated people, but they play a very important role in the society because we know that most of thing that we eat is from farms”.

Mr. Abdirazak was the last and here is what he said:

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Week 10 by Foziya

October 30, 2009

Show children class of water than ask them what the concept and the answer they have about water and what we use it.


  • By end of the lesson children will learn
  • For what we use water
  • From where we get water
  • Important of water
  • How we should water

I chose this lesson when I realize that child should know the important of water of water for live thing and how school I we share it .

Implementation and result

After I explain the lesson for the class and give them more information about water and from where we get water and also for what we use water, and the different between the sea water and the other water.

Than I divided the class in to two group than I asked them question every one in each group started to give me different answers basic in what they understand from the lesson also they to other classes advices that will be useful.

Integrating the lesson with I C T


Children are expected to use I c t to develop skills across the areas of learning for example talking ward process or to develop language and communication and vocabulary and writing and also build the imagination of child , I used to show the class the ENO lesson which give idea about how to share the water and to care for it.

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A day to remember

October 30, 2009

On the 29 October 2008 the presidential palace (UNDP) compound in Hargeisa. The Ethiopian Embassy were bombed.

The president of Somaliland to day participated in a morning ceremony held in Hargeisa. The president sends his condolences and sympathies to the families of those innocent people killed and affected by these heinous attacks. The president condemned those nonsense bombings and stated that every thing will be done to fight against the terrorists and who who were responsible for the attacks.

I (Emma) and the rest of the group in Stockholm College feel deep sympathy with the children Huda and Hana Dahir with mother, rest of family and friends. We will do our best to support and feel with you. We also feel sympathy with all victims.

We are very happy and grateful for our cooperation in teacher training. I want to say extra much thank you to teachers, parents and children. Your examples show collaborative and creative examples in learning.

I am very proud over all those examples that we can show from our cooperation, local and global! Thank you so much.

/Emma, Xarbi and Kalle

Movie about teacher training cooperation!

October 2, 2009

Hi teachers, parents, children, teenagers and the world!

Today we can proudly present a movie clip about our teacher training cooperation!

Happy regards from Emma, Xarbi and Kalle in Stockholm!

Welcome to a new start!

September 10, 2009


Teacher Training Somaliland team Kalle, Emma and Xarbi are looking forward to continue our teacher training courses with you! We will soon start the third unit and continue the development of our collaborative learning.

Our examples show what learning can bring in local and global cooperation.

We wish teachers, children, parents and friends all the best and look forward to continue our cooperation.


September 7, 2009

Dhamaan maamulka iyo shaqaalaha Al-Baraka schools iyo Stockholm College waxay tacsi u dirayaan eheladii iyo qaraabadii uu ka geeriyooday marxuum Cabdirixmaan Adan oo ahaa waalid ardayad ka mid ah ardada grade 5 ee dugsiga Al-Baraka.

Waxaan illaahay uga baryeynaa in janadiisaa fardowsa ka waraabiyo, samir iyo imaana ka siiyo intii uu ka tagay.


Munas Self Evaluation

August 30, 2009

I believe that in this course I get a lot of knowledge and information not only me but also my school and students

So in this paper I will explain to u how I get benefit from it

Helped me by improving my level and imaging to do my job very well. Aid me to find the ways that I reach my lesson to them

This course help me to improve my relation between me and their parents and my student so now I know them very well from their story and pictures

Also the parents now play important role in the school coz they call me to know the level of their student or to disuse me in their lesson


From this course I learn how to play role to develop the level of my schools, so now I feel proud when my head teacher or teachers told me that my students could answer any questions without any fear or do their job very well

Also when any parent said to me thanks to yours school for what you do to improve them

Aid me to discover their character and thought should help me to use my imaginations and my thought to reach information to them.
Develop my level to research any ways that help me to do my lesson well

She helps me and be patient to produce teachers like us to aid our selves and our country.

Urge me to discover many ways that help me to reach my thought, so it was a challenge to my self and now I can do that without any fear.

Also she help me to exchange in formations between us which urge us to work like team, so thank u for your help and support EMMA.

Beside my experiences I have certificate that help me in my job. In future I like to train other teachers to feel that I can act what I learn.

Also now I can give other teachers advises and help without any stress coz I have good back ground that will help me in future by this wonderful course that I hope every one can use it very well

And finally I want to tell u that it is a appreciate chance for us and our country to be developed, so thanks for every things that give us to help to improve our levels and we must use this chance very well

In fact I face some problem in unit 1, coz it was new course and I did not know how I do my homework or solve the assignments

Now in unit 2 I understand it very well and in future. I like to improve my level in unit 3 if Allah said

Thank u again and I hope that my work in last unit was good!

Primary school teacher:
Muna Dahir Omer, Al Baraka Schools, Hargeisa, Somaliland

Self-evaluation assignment from Teacher Ahmed Essa Abdilahi

June 29, 2009

What I learned from unit one and two was very interesting and they are the following courses.


  • Teacher skills ,pedagogy and reflection on the teacher profession
  • Planning activity and evaluation of international extended environment lessons
  • Method and teacher work in authentic on line environments
  • Presentation techniques
  • Children’s right
  • Understanding the aims ,context ,teaching strategies and intend out comes for the lessons in which students involved and understand the place of these in the related teaching programme


  • Working collaboratively with colleagues and carry out my roles effectively knowing when to seek help and advice.
  • To know how to use information and communication technology ICT to advance pupil’s learning and using common ICT tools for my own and pupil’s benefit .
  • to demonstrate and promote the positive values , attitudes and behavior I expect from the pupils with whom I work .


  • To liaise sensitively and effectively with parents and carers ,recognizing their roles in pupil’s learning .
  • To build and maintain successful relationships with pupils ,treat them consistently with respect and considerations and are concerned for their development.
  • To have high expectations of all pupils ,respect their social ,cultural ,linguistic ,religious and ethnic backgrounds and committed to raising their educational achievement.

School and material

To be familiar with the school curriculum and material ,the age related expectations of pupils ,the main teaching methods and testing\ examination from works in the subjects and age ranges in which I am involved.

My Tutor of these two units was Emma Hedland who tried her best to complete these two units for us .I appreciate you Emma how you always encourage us to complete this programme successfully and fruitfully .I hope you will see fruits of work you have done some day in the near future.

There were some problems during the course such as lack of internet connections we encounter sometimes and inadequate computers.

This is my picture

Assignment 11 – Ahmeds exhibition

June 17, 2009

From teacher; Ahmed Abdilahi Essa

I and my class invited other classes , teachers , some parents, head of primary department and principal of Al-BARAKA SCHOOLS.
Our theme of this week was how primary children can be helped to develop and the importance of social participation.

First of all some of the student of my class talked about above topic .

I think helping children to develop as confident , enthusiastic and effective learners is a central purpose of primary education By Juweriya 6B

I think doing a strategy for primary schools affirms a vision for primary education that provides opportunities for all children to fulfill their potential through a commitment to high standards . By Nimco 6B

I think the schools ,children are engaged by learning that develops and excites their imagination .The learning and teaching environment in the schools must be shaped by an understanding of what children can achieve and by teaching that meets their individual needs as learners. By Samira 6B

Some random pictures from the exhibition


The principal and the head of primary Department speaking at the Exhibitions to the students during the exhibitions.


These are students of other classes who are invited the theme of exhibition.


the parents that participated the during the exhibition theme who are taking pictures of the teachers and students. On the other picture It’s teachers that we Invited to the exhibition.


these students integrating the lesson with ICT with help of ICT teacher.


Learning is primarily a social activity and participation in the social life of the school is the central for learning to occur .social participation is the main activity through which learning occurs. Social activity and participation and parents interact with their children and through these interactions children acquire the behaviors that enables them to become effective members of society.

The establishment of fruitful collaborative and co-operative atmosphere is an essential part of school learning .The social collaboration can boost students achievement, provided that the kinds of interactions that are encouraged contribute.

Finally social activities are interesting in their own right and help to look student involved in their academic work. Students work harder to improve the quality of their products [ essays , projects, artwork etc] when they know that they will be shared with other students.