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  1. Nuradin mohamed yonis Says:

    I thank to all teachers here who are taking part the training given by Stockholm college. and I hope that they will successfully complete their studies for the coming three years.

  2. Ibrahim Says:

    It’s a great chance for all of us (Al-Baraka Teacher). I said that because this course is very good for both our career and students. I can’t mention how happy I am to take part of this precious course.

    Thank you Emma, Harbi, and Kelle


  3. albaraka Says:

    We are glad to read and see that both teachers and students can use the experiences and knowledges from teacher training courses. Also this blog and hompage gives both local and global possibilites! Our cooperation creates this!

    ENO material and community for teachers and pupils gives also those possibilites connected to teacher training!

    I am glad to read about all your thought and ideas in this blog and think they are very interesting.

    Thank you for all work and engagement!

    Kindly regards from Emma tutor and team!

  4. ahmed mohamed hassan Says:

    hello iam one of the student who study in albaraka schools
    i thanks all of the teachers who want to make a different schools from the
    other schools in hargaisa
    and i hope to my school to be the best and the top school

  5. hasan Says:

    hey my name hasan istudy albaraka

  6. ilyaz Says:

    al-baraka schools has raised me since i was 9 years 19 and i am grade 12 and i have never seen a better school and better teachers

  7. ayaan cali Says:

    anigoo dhigta dugsiga albaraka garahaan dugsiga sare waxaan aad ugu faraxsanahay heerkan weyn ee uu gaadhay dugsigeenu taana waa ilaahay mahadii waxanan urajaynayaa guul iyo mustaqbal fiican , kasakow intaa waxan halkan kasalaamayaa barayaasha ku takhasusay cilmiga heerka sara ah waxaana mahad leh maamulaha dugsiga albaraka(nuuradiin yoonis) kaasoo inoo soo xulay macalimiintan aad tayadooda loo bogay oo kala ah mustafe(hangool),xasan(boss),cali,kayse.mukhtaar,maxamed(samriye),ahmed(french),abdirahman,khadra ismaciil………..aad & aad ayey umahadsanyihiin (congratulation)……….thank u my dear&best teachers………east or weast albaraka is the best

  8. asma abdi rahman Says:

    macalin nuradiin anoo kaa codsanaya ma iisoo qori karta cunwaanka course-ka ay macaliminteenu wax ka bartaan fadlan

  9. maamulka Says:

    waakan ciwaankii MKFC stockholm college,waxaanad ka baadhi kartaa webside keena.

  10. abdirizak,Albaraka School Says:

    Ramadan Karim for all Albaraka staff,pupils and parents.

  11. Macalin, Abdirizak Says:

    Ramadan Mubarak for all Albaraka teachers,parents and students

  12. mukhtaar Says:

    I am very glad the new virsion waebsite albaraka schoools
    I am send my best greeting in all alabaraka staff and students
    and my best college mkfc and my best teachers Emma ,xarbi kalle
    think you for all

  13. mohamed ismail osman Says:

    good year for every staffs of albaraka schools

  14. Nagaad Gabobe Says:

    Asalaamu Alaykum Mashallah, Albaraka schools has always been the best schools in the country since 1997.I have been studying in Albaraka schools for over 10 years and i have never seen anywhere like it. Albaraka is taking a huge steps as the days go by.And with a principle and teachers like ours education gets better and better………………Thank you for always giving us your best[My best wishes for every one salaamu alaykum]

  15. Muniira Maxamed Axmed Says:

    First I’m giving my thank to the creator and sistanorsecond I;m sending all my conculaculations to my school ALBARAKAwhom I will never forget since I studied thier from KG to class8 2006-2007 Acadamic Year for his development and sucess and also my Honorable teachers(Axmed dheere,Faysal,C/Raxmaan,Naasir,Mawliid,Maxamed,C/Rasaaq)and all of Albaraka teachers giving them the best greeting for thier work to develop Us and play avital rule of what I’m now………………..thank you all and Ihope to you all the best
    yours;Muniira Maxamed 2006-2007 acadamic year

  16. ahmed mohamed hassan Says:

    hi i just want to tell the studiant that it is the time to make our schools the best and the top school in somaliland

  17. Najax Says:

    hello i live london and i want to more info about this school and what area is the school thanks alot

  18. osman Says:

    hi ma teachers …… im very gld 2 c ma teachers .. we miss u … but i think no one kno’s wat time we gonna meet againt, but i hope u good luck and still we study …..and we gonna learn up to we finish da university
    and im requesting u if i can get my teachers number to gimme urs.
    and if u didnt remember me is me osman ahmed osman qal qaaligii lool
    by sc

  19. ayman axmed maxamuud Says:

    in the name of allah the most gracious and the most mersiful all praise belongs to allah who allowed me to say something about my greatest school
    that world have ever seen.

    I want to thank all my teachers especially axmed(dheere), khayriya, c/risaaq /c/wahaab.


  20. Zakaria Ahmed Barud Cige Says:

    a message to all my childhood teachers :
    may allah bless you and make your wishes true
    i was one of those grade 8 students who graduated in academic year 2006/2007 and this is the first message to write to the school…
    shame on me for that.
    i hope all my classmates(girls or boys) and my teachers to contact me at my hotmail account below
    facebook: zak axmed
    a message to the school princibles axmed(kaambo) iyo Nuuradiin:
    it was a pleasure to be under you two all those years and iam thanking you for the incubation

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