Join our Cause for One Teacher for Every Child

In this Cause we lift examples where teachers and children present learning processes in Teacher Training and schools in Somaliland and all over the world. Children’s rights to play for example and create are important for the future. We know the children are our future! Therefore we need to lift those children who are outside of education, security and rights. With education poverty can be reduced and health can grow.

As a tutor and course developer in teacher training I have examples from teachers, children and parents from different countries. We are working with the British standard of curriculum, which is used in many countries in the world. UN:s goals about Education for All is our aim in cooperation with partners in each country. Today more than 10 million new teachers needed to fill education goals, UN warns.

Without teachers many children are excluded from education. Teacher training (vocational level) makes it possible to get pedagogical skills to stimulate learning development for teachers, children, parents and community.

Once again, welcome to share your experiences and thoughts in this field on our Cause, our homepage Sharing Awareness and our Facebook group! Maybe you have memories from good teachers and what made you happy to learn? Maybe you have experiences also about what makes your child or children stimulate and eager to learn? Welcome to share it!

/Emma, main tutor from MKFC of Teacher Training in Somalia, Pakistan, Ghana and Kenya


One Response to “Join our Cause for One Teacher for Every Child”

  1. Abdifatah Mohamed Osman Says:

    I am proud that Albaraka schools are among the great umbrella that hosts the program all over the world. I am one of the students in Albaraka schools. We participate the annual activities here in Somaliland. Now, I want to publish my private “book” of plantation in Somaliland. I am supported by Eelo American University in Borama, Somaliland. I would appreciate for your valuable inputs and suggestions to help me produce this book.

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