Subject: Entrepreneurship

Assignment by teacher Ahmed Essa.

Objectives: the students should be able to

  • Describe the importance of entrepreneurship
  • Study entrepreneurship in different economics
  • Studying the environment with the emphasis on indentifying critical trends and their possible implications on the organizations


First of all I and the students have discussed what entrepreneurship is. Then we summarized it the following definitions.
Entrepreneurship is the process of creating something different with value by devoting the necessary time and effort, assuming the accompanying financial, psychic and social risks and receiving the resulting rewards of monetary and personal satisfaction and independence


The reflections of the students


Entrepreneurship involves more than just carrying out basic functions of an organization correctly”says Juweriya of class seven


Entrepreneurship focuses on growth and development – not only of the individual but of communities as well” says Leila of class seven


Entrepreneurship requires information of the broader environment and needs flexible structures to remain in equilibrium with on going changes” says Ikram of class seven


My own reflections
Training and development of entrepreneurs

  • Training programmes should surprise students by presenting the unexpected familiar information in unfamiliar ways.
  • They should allow for frequent feedback.
  • They should enable team activities and focus opportunities
  • They should allow the trainees to apply their knowledge and skills and should be easily changed by trainers to meet different circumstances.

A close inspection of the above criteria reveals the need for a different innovative approach training entrepreneurs. There is , however no guarantee the a person will be entrepreneurial after participating in a training programmes .But it can be assumed that a person will be first , better equipped to take an entrepreneurial tasks to contribute to an entrepreneurial team. In the way, the basis for entrepreneurial training is established .Lastly the criteria stress that entrepreneurship is not a means to do things – it is a way to life. Therefore entrepreneurial behaviors can manifest itself over the long term and not necessarily immediately after training programmes have been completed.

An entrepreneur conceives the idea of what product or service to produce ,starts the organizations and builds it to the point where additional are needed.



American hot new female entrepreneur – Woman with a mission
Barbara Samson a 24 years old graduate of the university of Florida with telecommunications does not take no for an answer
She takes as a challenge . Thus did a young novice launch highly Successful telephone company in Tempa ,Florida. Intermedia communications
Of Florida sells long distances services business costumers solution. Build a network to by pass the local phone lines and gives costumers a cheaper
alternative though most entrepreneurial endeavors are capital intensive Samson began with $50.000 loan. This was not much considering the task
before her complete with the baby bells. By the time the first fiber optic line was laid, venture capitalists had raised an additional $18million.According
to Samson “” we had to prove ourselves every step of the way.

Her philosophy is to sell service ,then lay cable. The strategy seems to be working .Among her first and top costumers are general mills. Intermedia is now the largest competitive access provider in the southeast. Source: Google books

How can students of Al-Baraka benefit entrepreneurship?
I asked students this question next day and they answered differently and these are their answers.


We would like to invest for us Science laboratory that we can use for scientific experiments because we have no laboratory in school at all. By muna 7b


I think we need to get library in the school to benefit in our free time because we have no library in school, because we need to develop and improve our
knowledge. By Ikram 7b



One Response to “Subject: Entrepreneurship”

  1. Ibrahim Osman Says:

    Well done Ahmed, I think you did a great job. You have created good lesson plan, then you implemented, and at end you presented pupils’ reflections and your own reflections too.

    Thank you for this effort and be sure, this will influence all the learners and teachers because it is a very good example.

    Thank you again Ahmed

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