Unit 3/ Week 1 – Entrepreneurship in school

The term entrepreneurship is a way of thinking and doing its culture when you own your own business you alone are responsible for success or failure.

In this lesson it is important for me to let my class to understand the simple concept from entrepreneurship .what entrepreneurship mean? Who is entrepreneur? And why it’s important? And who we teach our children the entrepreneurship.

To explain this lesson for children I read the material from Google book and other recourses that I found from the net also tell stories which help to clarify this word more and more.

So in this week I spent the time to see how to simplify this word and teach the children that it’s ok to come up whit ideas and try them out.

So entrepreneurship is often synonymous with founder and the idea like (writing books, inventing toys, Designing game)

Who are entrepreneurs?
Is person who has possession of a new enterprise or ideas?
But what are most important more than any one particular skill is they your child develop a passion for entrepreneurship, if you love something if you are passionate the work necessary to sussed if you want your child to become a successful entrepreneur.

To teach about entrepreneurship in way that is fun and interesting.

I tell them stories about successful entrepreneurs like Wayne Huizenga who turned one garbage truck into Billion dollar business.

Walter Eilas (walt disoney) was film producer,divector,voiceactor , entrepreneur, Disney is famouse for his influence into filed of entertainment he build Disney world.

After that I tell them how they could turn their farvorite hobby into business and also to comeup whit the idea and join the adventure of discovery this will build their confidence in entreprenuial behavior.

So it is important to go in to their world and find something that they like and the most important thing is if you child love something if he\she is passionate about it the they will put in the work necessary to sussed .

In the next week they come to me with different ideas and dreams so I lisent to them. One say I like to see other planets like Mars, Mercury, I am going to build space ship. Other one say I have problem I like story books ,my father and my mother read story books for me but sometimes they not around me so I saw story books but I am to young to read so I discussed to make story book can read him self.

It is important to make them realize the value of money. After I listen to their dream I tell them that entrepreneurship focuses on growth and development not only of the individual but of community I divided my class in three group and help that I get from other class;

Group one
In my country we don’t have big zoo that contain many animals that we see in T.V even those we study and our teacher teach us is important for us to see all these animals to get more knowledge I hope that we will get one soon so every one visit it and enjoy to see those animals whit your family and for other people.

Group two
But group tow take other idea which is more fun for them they say we like to have toys store so we have different kinds of toys and to let kids collect different kinds toys.

Group three
They say is important to take care for our environment so what happen if we recycle the wastes that will help our country in both way, we clean our country and recycle the wastes like (bottles and plastic bags) which advantage the economic of our country..

It is important for the children to have parents whose encourage creative thinking and expression today become the thinkers on tomorrow

The result

In end of the week the result I get which is useful and help to teach the children to become entrepreneurship are

  • First teach them the ability to plan entrepreneurs must plan, plan around their idea, plan to implement goals plan marketing.
  • Allow kids to have free time to explore their own creativity today over scheduled children have little time to explore their own creativity.
  • Children are growing up they some times jump from one idea of interest to another they are testing their own love of skills and competition while seeking approval from and audience.
  • Teach the children how to truly connect with others help them to develop good relationship skills by showing the art of rally listening.


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  1. maxamed rashiid {jaambiir} Says:

    al baraka waa school qaliya waa school kii ugu horyeey ee laga furo ee basas qada somalilnd

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