Week 10 by Foziya

Show children class of water than ask them what the concept and the answer they have about water and what we use it.


  • By end of the lesson children will learn
  • For what we use water
  • From where we get water
  • Important of water
  • How we should water

I chose this lesson when I realize that child should know the important of water of water for live thing and how school I we share it .

Implementation and result

After I explain the lesson for the class and give them more information about water and from where we get water and also for what we use water, and the different between the sea water and the other water.

Than I divided the class in to two group than I asked them question every one in each group started to give me different answers basic in what they understand from the lesson also they to other classes advices that will be useful.

Integrating the lesson with I C T


Children are expected to use I c t to develop skills across the areas of learning for example talking ward process or to develop language and communication and vocabulary and writing and also build the imagination of child , I used to show the class the ENO lesson which give idea about how to share the water and to care for it.

Here are some of children’s feed back

-water is magnificent thing
-we love water and admire our lakes and rivers
-sea water is not clean it is very salty


“My mother told me that three quarter of our weight is water even in our brain. My name is Anwaar and I am 4 years old”.


“Water is very useful thing because without water human being animals and plants can’t grow well. My name is Abdi Alqani”.

Water help us in washing our hand our bodies without water we can not clean our cloths.

Water most be taken care for.

We can save our water for future generation in many ways without reducing our comfort of life.


“Enjoy water but do not waste it” My name is Abdi Al Baasid

In the end of the lesson I reward a certificate for those how clean their hand every they use water cause we use water to clean our hand.





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2 Responses to “Week 10 by Foziya”

  1. YASIR THIND Says:

    i am Student of Pakistan Treacher Training Unit -1,
    I Like to present teacher Foziyas example from teacher training
    Thank you so much Miss Foziya and the children ,
    that is very Helpful to students of Treacher Training

  2. Ibrahim Says:

    You did good Foziya thank you good job.

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