A day to remember

On the 29 October 2008 the presidential palace (UNDP) compound in Hargeisa. The Ethiopian Embassy were bombed.

The president of Somaliland to day participated in a morning ceremony held in Hargeisa. The president sends his condolences and sympathies to the families of those innocent people killed and affected by these heinous attacks. The president condemned those nonsense bombings and stated that every thing will be done to fight against the terrorists and who who were responsible for the attacks.

I (Emma) and the rest of the group in Stockholm College feel deep sympathy with the children Huda and Hana Dahir with mother, rest of family and friends. We will do our best to support and feel with you. We also feel sympathy with all victims.

We are very happy and grateful for our cooperation in teacher training. I want to say extra much thank you to teachers, parents and children. Your examples show collaborative and creative examples in learning.

I am very proud over all those examples that we can show from our cooperation, local and global! Thank you so much.

/Emma, Xarbi and Kalle



One Response to “A day to remember”

  1. Macallin ABDIRIRIZAK Says:

    I convey my deepest sympathy and condolences to Huda Dahir Ali and Hana Dahir Ali.My heart with you all the time my best students.

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