Munas Self Evaluation

I believe that in this course I get a lot of knowledge and information not only me but also my school and students

So in this paper I will explain to u how I get benefit from it

Helped me by improving my level and imaging to do my job very well. Aid me to find the ways that I reach my lesson to them

This course help me to improve my relation between me and their parents and my student so now I know them very well from their story and pictures

Also the parents now play important role in the school coz they call me to know the level of their student or to disuse me in their lesson


From this course I learn how to play role to develop the level of my schools, so now I feel proud when my head teacher or teachers told me that my students could answer any questions without any fear or do their job very well

Also when any parent said to me thanks to yours school for what you do to improve them

Aid me to discover their character and thought should help me to use my imaginations and my thought to reach information to them.
Develop my level to research any ways that help me to do my lesson well

She helps me and be patient to produce teachers like us to aid our selves and our country.

Urge me to discover many ways that help me to reach my thought, so it was a challenge to my self and now I can do that without any fear.

Also she help me to exchange in formations between us which urge us to work like team, so thank u for your help and support EMMA.

Beside my experiences I have certificate that help me in my job. In future I like to train other teachers to feel that I can act what I learn.

Also now I can give other teachers advises and help without any stress coz I have good back ground that will help me in future by this wonderful course that I hope every one can use it very well

And finally I want to tell u that it is a appreciate chance for us and our country to be developed, so thanks for every things that give us to help to improve our levels and we must use this chance very well

In fact I face some problem in unit 1, coz it was new course and I did not know how I do my homework or solve the assignments

Now in unit 2 I understand it very well and in future. I like to improve my level in unit 3 if Allah said

Thank u again and I hope that my work in last unit was good!

Primary school teacher:
Muna Dahir Omer, Al Baraka Schools, Hargeisa, Somaliland


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4 Responses to “Munas Self Evaluation”

  1. Ibrahim Says:

    Maashaa Allaah, Muna Khayr maa qult. Thank you for your truth about the course, it is our feeling too.

  2. mukhtar Says:

    i love u muna i wona like you if alla say and you re king of the teacher

  3. SALMA Says:

    hi munaa i wona thank u to this work it wonderfull

  4. Steven Rolle Says:

    This is so impartant to teach people to teach and take care of themselves. It is good to see that there are others that show concern for those willing to learn. I look forward to folowing the progress of this teacher training program.

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