Self-evaluation assignment from Teacher Ahmed Essa Abdilahi

What I learned from unit one and two was very interesting and they are the following courses.


  • Teacher skills ,pedagogy and reflection on the teacher profession
  • Planning activity and evaluation of international extended environment lessons
  • Method and teacher work in authentic on line environments
  • Presentation techniques
  • Children’s right
  • Understanding the aims ,context ,teaching strategies and intend out comes for the lessons in which students involved and understand the place of these in the related teaching programme


  • Working collaboratively with colleagues and carry out my roles effectively knowing when to seek help and advice.
  • To know how to use information and communication technology ICT to advance pupil’s learning and using common ICT tools for my own and pupil’s benefit .
  • to demonstrate and promote the positive values , attitudes and behavior I expect from the pupils with whom I work .


  • To liaise sensitively and effectively with parents and carers ,recognizing their roles in pupil’s learning .
  • To build and maintain successful relationships with pupils ,treat them consistently with respect and considerations and are concerned for their development.
  • To have high expectations of all pupils ,respect their social ,cultural ,linguistic ,religious and ethnic backgrounds and committed to raising their educational achievement.

School and material

To be familiar with the school curriculum and material ,the age related expectations of pupils ,the main teaching methods and testing\ examination from works in the subjects and age ranges in which I am involved.

My Tutor of these two units was Emma Hedland who tried her best to complete these two units for us .I appreciate you Emma how you always encourage us to complete this programme successfully and fruitfully .I hope you will see fruits of work you have done some day in the near future.

There were some problems during the course such as lack of internet connections we encounter sometimes and inadequate computers.

This is my picture


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One Response to “Self-evaluation assignment from Teacher Ahmed Essa Abdilahi”

  1. maxamed c/raxmaan ismaciil Says:

    marka hore waxaan salamayaa macalin kayga qaligaa ee aan aadka ujeclaa macalin waan wanaag sanahay waxaana kugu salamayaa salaamnta islaamka aslamu calayku waraxmatulaahi wabakaatu macali waxatahay macalnka heerkan nagaadhsiiyey waanad ku mahad santahay maclimiintoo dhan waan salamay sida macalin c/risaaq ,maxamed,khadar ,iyo macalimiinto dhan yo kuwa aan maga cooda aan ilaabay waad mahad santahay

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