Assignment 11 – Ahmeds exhibition

From teacher; Ahmed Abdilahi Essa

I and my class invited other classes , teachers , some parents, head of primary department and principal of Al-BARAKA SCHOOLS.
Our theme of this week was how primary children can be helped to develop and the importance of social participation.

First of all some of the student of my class talked about above topic .

I think helping children to develop as confident , enthusiastic and effective learners is a central purpose of primary education By Juweriya 6B

I think doing a strategy for primary schools affirms a vision for primary education that provides opportunities for all children to fulfill their potential through a commitment to high standards . By Nimco 6B

I think the schools ,children are engaged by learning that develops and excites their imagination .The learning and teaching environment in the schools must be shaped by an understanding of what children can achieve and by teaching that meets their individual needs as learners. By Samira 6B

Some random pictures from the exhibition


The principal and the head of primary Department speaking at the Exhibitions to the students during the exhibitions.


These are students of other classes who are invited the theme of exhibition.


the parents that participated the during the exhibition theme who are taking pictures of the teachers and students. On the other picture It’s teachers that we Invited to the exhibition.


these students integrating the lesson with ICT with help of ICT teacher.


Learning is primarily a social activity and participation in the social life of the school is the central for learning to occur .social participation is the main activity through which learning occurs. Social activity and participation and parents interact with their children and through these interactions children acquire the behaviors that enables them to become effective members of society.

The establishment of fruitful collaborative and co-operative atmosphere is an essential part of school learning .The social collaboration can boost students achievement, provided that the kinds of interactions that are encouraged contribute.

Finally social activities are interesting in their own right and help to look student involved in their academic work. Students work harder to improve the quality of their products [ essays , projects, artwork etc] when they know that they will be shared with other students.


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  1. Norbert Essing Says:

    Briliant blog, pls contiune your work and keep us update with new entries

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