Social media and teacher training!

Teacher training in Service programmes train teachers to use ICT tools integrated with school subjects. Before a Teacher Training programme starts we map the access of the technical tools the student group have. The tools are adapted to the access to ICT infrastructure. The students use different Social Media as

  • Learning management platform (LMS)
  • Blogs
  • Wiki
  • International Networks connected to their practice

and if Internet connection is good

  • Youtube
  • Picture Services as Flickr
  • Skype


In the courses a special homepage and blog has been created for the teachers where they can present their learning and their pupils work (this blog for example). There are also other happenings that are connected to this homepage that is used for learning. Through the Teacher Training the students learn how to use social media in different ways.

What are the aims with this?

  • Let for example teachers, parents, children and other experts show their examples
  • Make learning and knowledge development visible
  • Share learning examples local and global
  • Show practical examples about human rights connected to school subjects
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Have forum for discussions, ideas, fruitful examples for learning
  • Transparency in information, communication and knowledge’s
  • Local and global network
  • Language training
  • Training in communicate learning
  • Net communities like ENO and Life-Link has projects and themes to use in the local school. Those networks have members from schools in different parts of the world.
  • To be used by schools, local and global experts etc to stimulate learning development

The use of Skype helps students to reach the tutor for communication for free. As a tutor I can send group sms to give information to the group. The LMS gives the assignments when they feel prepared to do them

Social media work is adapted after the local groups needs. Successive they train to use them natural in their work and daily life. This also makes life long learning visible and more people get access to knowledge’s and ICT tools. Social media can help people to get back to and continue learning examples.The stories and pictures come mostly from the local group that use their mobile phones to take pictures or borrow a camera.

Have you ideas or thoughts about this? You are welcome to give them!

Kindly regards from Emma, tutor and course developer in Teacher Training

Other inspiration about social media from MKFC Stockholm College


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3 Responses to “Social media and teacher training!”

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  3. Education Jobs Blogger Says:

    It’s always great to see schools and education finally adopting to technological trends. Wikipedia will be a good place to start for unadulterated content.

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