ENO Tree planting day

This Friday on the 22:th of May it was “Environmental Online (ENO) Tree planting day”. ENOs vision is to have 100 million trees planted in 2017. In Al-Baraka Schools pupils, students, teachers, head teachers and others planted 50 trees.

Teacher Abdi Mukhtaar Ismail has taken the pictures tell us about the day

we have planted these trees in secondary school and intermediate school in Al-Baraka schools. The story about day that we want to change our environment to the better with an ever green surrounding. We want our students to learn to take care about the environment everywhere such us home, school, street and we want to encourage them to be more careful about our environment.

Read more about the ENO network here


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One Response to “ENO Tree planting day”

  1. Hana Says:

    Maamulaha guud ee dugsiyadda albaraka mr Nuredin kadib markii uu ardayda ku dhiiri galiyey inay ka qayb qaataan maalinta dhireynta ee Eno ayuu maanta wuxuu gudoonsiiyey ardaydii dhiurta beertay shahaadooyinkii ka qayb galka,taasoo ay ardayduna aad ugu farxeen, aad iyo aad ayaanu ugu mahadnaqaynaa maaulaha guud.

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