Munas lesson examples!

My aim is to let them to express how they found their places!

  • To develop their curiousity to ask about any things that found in their environments
  • Urge their parents to work with me and their kids to help us to take them in trips to develop their knowledges

About my thoughts:

  • Urge my student and their parents to let them to go to any trips and after that let them to disuse with their friends , parents , teachers etc
  • Listening to them coz their have many story that help us in their lesson
  • Let them to tell us their story advantage that they do in their place

About my reflections:
After I teach this lesson I found that every student in my class can image and do many things to help this environment although they are kids and how they want to develop their place in the future. I was so happy to see what my student did.

About my choice of this lesson: I want to build a generation that can be creative in any things without any helps.

To show me if they understand me or not: I ask them to tell me story about the place they want to live and what they can do it, so they start to say to me about their story.

This boys name is ABDI AL WAHAB MUSTAFA and he is 4 years old. He told me about last year when he and his family went to Barbara. He saw a big sea! When he saw it he run and jumped to swim with his sisters and brothers. He saw many boats and ships that was in port. How ever they ate a big fish that was very delicious! This holiday was a wonder full coz we do what we wants, the weather their was very hot we take many water to drink.

Muna picture 1

This boys name is CAYDARUUS ABDI AL KARIIM and he is 4 years old. He tells me that he likes to live in HARGAYSA coz here he live with his family that belonged to a big house. He aslo have many friends that he can play with at any time. How ever he want to go in university to be a doctor and want to work and achieve his dream. He wants to be there. On the other hand there are hospital , school, houses and many place that he want, so he say he want to live in city very well. So as tou know there were many stories that helped me in this lesson.

Muna picture 2

Teacher Muna and children from preschool!


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