Ibrahims students learning stories

This example shows teacher Ibrahims students stories about history and geography.

Ibrahim: On the next day, I was very surprised because I figured out from the students that they got a big idea of the lesson. Here are some of the students’ feedbacks from the lesson.

Ibrahim picture 1

Sakaria Ahmed Ibrahim and mother:

“Last night I was talking to my mother after finished my school’s homework, and I asked her ” mom tell me about our history “My mom said ” our history is full of wars before 1994, because before that year there were a lot of civil wars took place in our country so my son you need to know our history in order to avoid making the same mistake that happened before now.”

Ibrahim: “So when the student told me that short story I asked him what did you understood from your mother’s speech? And he answered “I understood that we need to know history so to avoid remaking the previous mistakes.”

Ibrahim picture 2

Ikran and her Classmates:

“I asked my father why Geography is Important and He replied, “My daughter we need to study Geography so as to classify our land, for example if you need to make a farm you can’t make it in a desert place because you need a water. On the other hand, you need to now something about Geography if you need to make any new project.”

Ibrahim: “Finally, when I asked the students about the lesson, I got that they firstly were didn’t interesting it. But when we finish the lesson I figured out that they liked because they understood it from me and also from their parents.”

Teacher Ibrahim and his students from Primary school (Al Baraka Schools)


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