English training example!

Presenation from teacher Abdirazak:

Idil Hassan is a young daughter in grade three (primary school). She lives outside the city and is one of the students in Al-Baraka shools. She comes to school by foot,but Idil is in a different situation, because she comes outside the city while the other students come inside the city. Idil runs few kilometers of hilly and wild forest early in the morning to reach to the school! Her own story about this comes here in English:

“On my way to the school it takes me a complete hour to come to the school, and I walk along the beautiful trees and hills. The environment is very beautiful and when the flowers bloom I cut some flowers to show my science teacher”.

Idil Hassan

Abdirazak: Idil told me this story before the start of the school day. She added that she entertain her self to create educational songs to not feel alone.


Idil’s favourite place:

“My favourite place is Daalo. Daalo is located the forest in the Sanaag region. It is big and beautiful.There are clouds covered by the sun and there is a place to play. My favourite place is the nature and the beautiful forest in all over the world. I never went there but i hope to go Daalo one day. I like to go to the forest and walk between the trees. In the spring the flowres bloom and the trees blossom.”

The presentations comes from assignment 4 (unit 2) Teacher Training (English training)


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