From the starting of this course, both teachers and students felt a better change of the way of teaching. When unit one ended, the ministry of education and parents also get the same feeling. The change that this course made in the way of teaching was very good for anyone related to our school (Al-Baraka). Here are some of the responses that summarized so far:

Ministry of Education

When we to the ministry, unfortunately we couldn’t meet the minister. But instead of him we met the Regional Education Officer of Hargeisa Mr. Hassan. Also Mr. Hassan was present at the last ceremony of graduation. Mr. Hassan’s response was as follows:

“This is a big opportunityminis1 of our country, because it is the first time that such a course started in the country. So I hope that this cooperation go on that spread through out the whole country. And we as a ministry will not hesitate if need any thing from us, and we will make our best of make this cooperation go on”.


In the school the parents has committee that always aware of the school as whole. Some of that committee gave us their responses and also allowed us to take their picture in the school. Here are the parents’ responses:

We the committee of the parents of Al-Baraka school are very thankful for foralStockholm college and we have noticed the change on our children way of learning after you gave the training to some of our children’s teachers. We have also observed other teachers who didn’t get the chance to participate your courses, which are willing to take part. We hope you will continue this training even after this course”.


all the teachers didn’t get chance to take part of this course, anyone can
discover the usefulness of this course. Some of the teachers, which are taking
place of this course, had a good response. This response was:

“In Somaliland there is no such course of enhancing the teacher’s quality, so after getting teacherthis course we are willing to upgrade our way of teaching. We also hope to continue this cooperation and get extra education. For our colleagues we hope for them the same opportunity. We are very grateful and willing to see more about you. We the teachers can’t write our thankful in words but this cooperation means for us something huge. Thank you again”.


As you know the schools students divided into three parts: Kindergarten, primary, and secondary. So we tried to write some responses from the primary and secondary students. We chose that two groups only because the kindergarten students are small and also less response from the other two groups. Here are a random number of student’s responses:

“Firstly, we are thanking our teachers for their time and supports to upgrade of studenknowledge. Our teachers, do there best to make us better day after day. About this course we are thankful too because any support our teachers get means support for us, so after having unit one we find out that our knowledge is upgraded because during this course the activity of the class became more and more, so the more activity in the class the more knowledge we get. Also it is a proud for us that our teachers are still taking training from you to make their way of teaching better. Finally, we need to thank our teachers and there trainers. Thank you very much”.

Text and pictures by Ibrahim Osman



  1. Mohamed Eid "Mohamed Hargeysawi" Says:

    Thank you Ibrahim Osman, you have done great job!!!! congra again brother.

  2. Mohamed Eid "Mohamed Hargeysawi" Says:

    Thanks Ibrahim, you have done great job!!! congra again bro.

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