Congratulations to the diplomas!


From the left up: Ahmed Abdillahi, Abdirizak Mohamed, Mohamed Eid, Muktar Ismail, Ibrahin Osman, Essa Nasir, Nur Yonis
From the left  down
: Khayria Abdi, Mona Omer, Fozia Jama, Kharda Ismail)

Thursday 2009-02-12 the Somali Al-Baraka Schools hold a ceremony to celebrate the first Graduation of Teachers in service in the ongoing End-to-End eLearning™ Teacher Training education. The MKFC team for Teacher Training was connected and had the great occasion to convey their greetings by phone.

At the ceremony the Headmaster, Teachers, parents and pupils were assembled as well as representatives from the Department of Education and from the UNDP.

The MKFC team expressed the importance to give the best possible education benefiting the children, representing the future, an education that inspires the children to get visions for the future.

The parents stressed the importance of the improved education for the children, and the MKFC team emphasized the inspiration in tutoring, and that the cooperation brings benefits also to MKFC because of enlarged experiences.

The greetings from MKFC, which were transmitted to the whole assembly in the hall, evoked applause.

The representative from the Department of Education said that they will do their very best to support the ongoing cooperation. He also expressed his thanks for what has already been done.

 In the evening two Somali TV channels transmitted the event.

Written by Olle Lundberg from Stockholm College

 Special regards from Emma, Xarbi and Kalle (tutor team):

We are very happy for this special ceremony and this is a result of good and developing cooperation! Some examples of this you can see in this homepage and blog. Our cooperation shows all possibilities Education can bring and develop. 

Congratulations to the diplomas! You have done a great and important job and still do!


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  2. khaalid Says:

    waan idiin xiisay fasixii waa aad salaamantihiin

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