Welcome to our schools



2 Responses to “Welcome to our schools”

  1. Mohamed Eid known as [GURAY Says:

    Do you know that Al-Baraka schools was established in 1997 the age of the first students registered in Al-Baraka was 3 & 4 years old, now some of that students who started KG-I [first class of kindergarten] are shown their picture above [4 girls of them],
    they will complete their 12th grade [Form 4] in this running academic year of 2008/2009.
    Masha Allah!! Al-Baraka Schools progressed well and played important and unforgettable role for the development of basic education in Somaliland from Kindergarten to Secondary school.
    May ALLAH flourish our school. aammiinnn

  2. marjariitta Says:

    So proud we are in Stockholm when we see and hear about you and your students.
    You are our rolemodels.
    Marja-Riitta Ritanoro

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