Assignment 12 from Foziya

This assignment was more exiting than the others because it was something more touchable, too close to their reality. I chose article 30 which says (children have the right to have the right to learn and use the language and customs of their families).

Before that all I explained our traditional in heritage it is our identity we should be proud and so with our language I took them also on a trip to visit country side where there are the traditional houses which is called ( Bool ) than I asked them to bring things of our traditional from their home each child showed that things, he brought and talked in his native language only about he use of that traditional thing and its name. To answer your question about how it perspective children, they have a closer look to their inheriting and traditions they learned more Somali words. Now they can talk about their traditions with proud and also they found that school is fun.

How did the lesson influence school?

The school principle decided to make an exhibition showing our traditions and to make trips to villages and place in the country.

How did the lesson influence other teacher?

Teachers liked the idea and they suggested letting the pupils come to school one day wearing the traditional customs and bring things related instead of the school uniform.    

Here are some pictures of that lesson.

fo1 fo2

fo3 fo4

fo5 fo6


3 Responses to “Assignment 12 from Foziya”

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  2. Emma Hedlund Says:

    As a tutor I am so proud to follow this work! This example show that it is possible to work with childrens right in theory and practice!

    It is wonderful to see how the children can connect their experiences, curiousity and knowledges with each other. In this example the share and discover learning in a very exciting way!

    Thank you Foziya and the children!

    Kindly regards from Emma tutor!

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